I was born in Sarajevo where I attended secondary art school and then I  got accepted at the sculpture department of University of Fine Arts in Sarajevo but my first year got interrupted by war. I left for Belgrade where I continued my studies and got Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1997. and soon after moved to Canada. After the move I didn't sculpt for years, I was lost, figurative sculpting seemed as dying field, everyone was exploring new ways, installations. But that was not who I was. So I denied myself what I was born to be, a figurative Sculptor. But all that changed several years ago when I got inspired to build life size sand sculpture on the beach in Cuba. What was I trying to bury deep down couldn't hide anymore.
Human form is what inspires me the most. I look for the simple but powerful movements of the body that express emotions. My preferred medium is clay which allows me to work fast. Itโ€™s such a beautiful medium and when I work I leave texture, I don't smooth the surface, that way piece becomes more beautiful and alive.. I'm still exploring ways how to finish my works. Unlike paintings, when you are done with modelling your sculpture in clay, you still need to figure out in what medium are you gonna finish your work at the end. At the moment I'm mostly doing terracotta, fired clay which I paint afterwards. I don't have clear vision how I want a piece to look at the end, I let it inspire me as I go.



2021- "Artist's Choice" Federation of Canadian Artists - Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2020 - โ€œBella!โ€ Federation of Canadian Artists -  Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC 
2002 - โ€œ4th Annual Face to Face" at Stage Gallery - Honorable mention in the competition,  New York NY


2021 - Best Sculpture in Exhibition Award for the 2021 Artists Choice Exhibition -  Federation of Canadian Artists - Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC


2021- "Spectrum" Silk Purse Arts Centre, West Vancouver BC

2020 - "Transformation" Virtual Art Exhibition by West Vancouver Art Council, 

2020- "Distant together" Virtual Art Exhibition by West Vancouver Art Council 

1998 - โ€œPortrait through Timeโ€ National University Braca Stamenkovic,  Belgrade

1997- Drawing Exhibition at Gallery Dom Omladine, Belgrade

1997- Sculpture Exhibition at the Gallery of University of Fine Arts, Belgrade


Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists FCA

Artist member of the West Vancouver Community Arts Council