Sladjana Buhovac was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia.  She attended the Secondary Art School and originally wanted to get into the Textile Design department since that was her first love, but they recognized her talent for sculpting and accepted her as a sculptor. Even though she was confused and disappointed soon enough it became evident to her that was the right choice. She continued to pursue her passion at the University of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, but the war interrupted her studies and she sought refuge in Belgrade where she completed a B.F.A. major in Sculpture. In 1997, she moved to Vancouver, Canada. To make a living in a new country she left her art behind and just recently rediscovered her passion for art again.

"I started drawing when I was 2 years old and my favorite subject then were women and it remained the same until this day. I'm inspired by the beauty of human form and emotions and the beauty of the human soul. I'm inspired by life around me, movement and gentleness we all have inside. Although I did some work in other materials but working in clay is what suits my fast thinking mind, it lets my ideas realized quickly and freely and lets a piece stay fresh without the need to smooth the surface which in return makes it more beautiful and alive."


2021- "Artist's Choice" Federation of Canadian Artists - Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2020 - β€œBella!” Federation of Canadian Artists -  Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC 
2002 - β€œ4th Annual Face to Face" at Stage Gallery - Honorable mention in the competition,  New York NY


2021 - Best Sculpture in Exhibition Award for the 2021 Artists Choice Exhibition -  Federation of Canadian Artists - Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC


2021- "Spectrum" Silk Purse Arts Centre, West Vancouver BC

2020 - "Transformation" Virtual Art Exhibition by West Vancouver Art Council, 

2020- "Distant together" Virtual Art Exhibition by West Vancouver Art Council 

1998 - β€œPortrait through Time” National University Braca Stamenkovic,  Belgrade

1997- Drawing Exhibition at Gallery Dom Omladine, Belgrade

1997- Sculpture Exhibition at the Gallery of University of Fine Arts, Belgrade


Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists FCA

Artist member of the West Vancouver Community Arts Council